Wayne and Marlyn married October 14th, Mississauga

Nick and Nicole married September 30th, Barrie

Ashley and Stephano married July 5th, Newcastle

Lisa and Greg Married Friday March 24th, Scarborough

Adrian and Kristine married August 19th, Unionville

Nicholas and Melissa married July 22nd, Brampton, Ontario

Patrick and Joelle married October 29th, Markham

Jace and Derrick married July 27th, Ajax

Mark and Stephanie married August 17th, Brampton.

Hubert and Anyoso married July 4th, Pickering

Kim and Joe married July 14th, East York --By Rev. Steve

David and Sarah married May 27th, Toronto, Ontario

Mike and Jennifer married July 22nd, Richmond Hill

George and Bo-Ram married May 31st, Toronto

​Kara and Chuck married October 6th, Niagra on the lake

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Mike and Rachel married June 16th, Muskoka

​Charlane and Devon married September 1st, Scarbourgh 

Michael and Caia married October 19th, Toronto

Zachary and Indira married October 2016, Scarborough

Aaron and Jessica married August 25, Toronto

Amanda and Sean married July 8th, Grimsby

Cole and Brittany married April 29th, Oshawa, Ontario

Lisa and Haydn married August 4th, Markham

Christopher and Olivia married July 2016 Whitby, Ontario

Makalia and Colin married June 23rd, Toronto

​Amy and Chris married August 26th, Toronto


​Julia and Kenny married September 15th, Vaughan

Katie and John married October 6th, Toronto

Rayleen and Shane married August 4th, married Collingwood

Dillion and Megan married October 20th, Toronto

Elisha and Daniel married March 10th, Stouffviille, Ontario

Stephen and Amy married May 18th, Toronto

Anita and Garrick married June 30, Richmond Hill

​Ernesto and Janine married September 10th, Woodbridge

Zhang and Min married October 1st, Etobicoke

Nikki and Timothy married February 25th, Mississuaga

Bryan and Lisa married June 22nd, Toronto

Bryn and Marisol married July 14th, Toronto

Brandon and Samantha married August 24th, Toronto

Abigail and William married July 25th, Woodbridge

Bismar and Narzareth married August 10th, Missassuga,

​Benjamine and Dawn married February 1st, Oshawa

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2019 Weddings

Derrick and Megan married September 22nd, Toronto

Tee and Robert married October 7th, Mississauga

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Luiza and Joy married September 25th, Toronto

Matthew and Kim married August 31st, Caledon

Racheal, Denysh and Baby married August 28th, Scarborough

Tara and Randal married October 6th, Pickering

Chris and Lindsey married August 18th, Toronto

Sofiya and Jacob married July 2016, Ajax, Ontario

Stefan and Salomeea married August 2016, Ajax, Ontario

Angela and Wesley married July 31st, Don Mills

Dustin and Chante married August 18th, Toronto 

Heather and Mieima married June 16th, Mississauga--By Rev. Fabian

Samantha and Shean married August 4th, Vaughn

Meredith and Paul married September 29th, Toronto

Joan and Neville married October 20th, Ajax

Jess and Joe married July 13, Toronto

Nicole and Alex married September 8th, Thornhill

Sonika and Vishek married April 26th, Scarborough, Ontario

Robert and Tee married October 6th, Mississauga

Marcia and Gennaro married January 19th, Vaughn

Derek and Barbra married May 4th, Toronto

Reco and Tarmattie married  May 11th, Ajax Ontario

Mark and Laura married July 2nd, Peterborough, Ontario

Patricia and Eduardo married February 2017, Toronto, Ontario.

Kerri and Ryan married June 23rd, Toronto Island

Monday and Shay married November 30th, Scarborough

Sasha and Nikkie married October 28th, North York

Omo and Dan married July 2nd, North York, Ontario

Benjamin and Kendra married October 7th, Dundas

Mike and Katelyn married May 25th, Barrie

​Andrew and Sierra married January 5th, Vaughn, Ontario

Aren and Tara married July 7, Toronto 

John and Abigael married February 15th, Brampton,

Karen and William married Aprill 22nd, 2017, Toronto Ontario.

Chris and Kristen married January 15th, Toronto, 

Sam and Kanella married November 25th, Toronto

2017 Weddings

​Darryl and Sylvie married June 24th, Buckhorn, Ontario

Ayano and Shawn married May 4th, Ajax