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Witness Fees
$50.00 per witness

Travel Fee : 

​$.50 cents a kilometre

Rehearsal Fees

Monday thru Sunday $125.00 

Plus travel as applicable--GTA No fee

Witness Fees

$50.00 per witness at Officiants location 

Travel Fee : 

​$.50 cents a kilometre

​​The VIP Special Day --$950.00
Includes all of the "Special Day" package elements also Master of Ceremonies

Dress rehearsal fee is included.
Master of Ceremonies for event.
​Officiant/MOC will be there for 4 hours.
Officiant/MOC will arrive at least 1 hour prior.
Officiant/MOC will stay 2-3 hours after or till the end of speeches. 
Officiant/MOC will work with your wedding planner and other vendors to make sure your ceremony is set. 
Officiant/MOC will stay and do "Grace" for the meal and/or other ministerial duties as needed. 

Witness Fees
$50.00 per witness 
Travel Fee
​$.50 cents a kilometre
$250.00 dollar retainer to book


Types of Wedding Ceremonies

"Blending of the Sands" ceremony can be a beautiful and meaningful alternative to the " Unity Candle" ceremony. Like aUnity candle the pouring of two different colored sands together is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom or the joining of their families.

The Rose Ceremony is something that will last forever in your marriage. This can be added to your wedding ceremony right after you exchange your vows. It is actually the first gift that you give to each other as husband and wife.

The Mother’s Rose Ceremony is a great way of honouring the Bride & Groom’s mothers or other family members during a wedding ceremony. The Rose or Flower ceremony allows the bride and groom a way for them to show gratitude for the love bestowed upon them.

Wine Ceremony - In this wine ceremony, a single glass of rose wine is placed on a table, from which both the Bride and Groom will both drink after the reading. ... The years of our lives are like a cup of wine that is poured out for the sake of labor, honour and love.

The Easy Day--$225.00

(Elopement/Signing only)

Just the two of you and your witnesses. 

This is simple, less than 5 minutes long celebratory observation, with you the couple saying " I DO", (Quick statement and a Kiss--optional).

"We are gathered here today to join the BRIDE and GROOM in marriage.
BRIDE do you take GROOM to be your Husband? ("I do")

GROOM do you take BRIDE to be your Wife? ("I do")
BRIDE, With this ring, I thee wed. 
GROOM/, With this ring, I thee wed.
I now pronounce you to be Husband and Wife.
Congratulations, you may kiss your bride

The Easy Day is for legal signings only. For couples who are having a destination wedding and want to legalize their documents before they depart or after they return from their ceremony.

Also for legal reasons...ie work permit, immigration, proof of marriage.


You will have telephone and e-mail support. 

We will meet a location of yours and the convenience the minister/officiant.
We will do the legal signing of the marriage license that you present. 

You just say “I DO, I DO" We sign and  We are done!

Witness/s can be provided with notice and a charge. Must come to officiants location for this service.

The Simple Day--$500.00

(Budget friendly) 

This is a basic wedding service for:

  • Couples who want a small ceremony
  • 5 to 20 people
  • Vow's
  • Ceremony will take about 5-15 minutes
  • Home, Condo, Back-Yard, Civic Centre, Wedding Chamber, etc

This is perfect for small intimate Weddings 

Offered Monday – Friday 

Pending availability Saturday – Sunday mornings. 

Processing of legal documents-- 

  • You must obtain your Marriage License.
  • License not needed for vow's renewal 

Ongoing email and telephone support.

$50.00 extra charge for outdoor service in ministers backyard--May--October only

Tying the Knot-- (literally).
Tying the knot is a primary wedding ceremony whereby a couple ties a fisherman's knot as their ceremony's Primary Option. As a primary option, it is used after the exchanges of vows and rings. The couple, using large coloured cords, ties this knot as the officiant reads a commentary.

The Special Day—$575.00

This is for couples who want to convey their essence of there relationship through their ceremony. 

"Special Day package"

  • Wedding Resources Ceremony Builder 
  • Personalized wedding story about the couple for all guest to enjoy
  • Legal signing
  • Ring exchange,
  • Your own vows (Officiant can guide you through personal vow's)
  • Facetime session meeting with officiant. In person within 40 kms Ajax
  • Unlimited telephone/ e-mail support.
  • Full ceremony 15-45 minutes
  • We create the ceremony of your choice
  • as well as 1 add-on such
  • Sand ceremony
  • Rose ceremony
  • Tying the Knot ceremony and more from our list.

Wedding resources ceremony builder will be sent 1 month before your wedding ceremony. Through wording you’ve chosen, along with samples, your love story, any readings or add-ins you wish to incorporate.

In this ceremony your love story; vision for married life; family/cultural traditions; favourite poetry; and/or any of our add-ins, are all mixed together to create the most memorable ceremony experience ever.

Be it a Christian, Non-Denominational or Themed this is the one for you. It’s your wedding.